Having a tremendous amount of legal experience and talent, Nova Title & Closing Services, PLLC is dedicated to ensure a smooth closing for our clients. We focus on you and try to accommodate your schedule. Count on us to be your champion and provide you with the solid legal representation and counsel you deserve.

Buyer Representation

Represent buyers through a wide range of scenarios, from First Time Home Buyers to Investors. Our legal team provides you with exceptional representation.

Seller Representation

Represent sellers to ensure the accuracy of the deals, wheather you are resresented by an resltor or not.  We will ensure that your house closes on time. At Nova Title & Closing Services, PLLC, we pay particularly close attention to your needs and have your best interests at heart.

Bank Attorney

We represent lenders and can also act as your bank attorney during your closing.  This role will ensure that we are on top of your closing and all dates are met with diligence.


The attorneys at Nova Law have been amazing and a pleasure to work with, they addressed all my questions and concerns no matter how many times I called or email.  They made thsi process so easy for me and my family. Thank you guys!

Ms. Sanchez